Why Us?

Call us first when you want it done right… or call us second to fix it.

Enterprise Service Buses, Cloud Services, Rules Engines, Business Process Engines, and Web Services technologies are very complex. It is a very challenging and intellectual effort to bring your integration project to a successful completion. Considering the unique complexities of the industries we work with, it takes people with very specialized skills to accomplish these integration projects.


We hire only trained and trusted professionals for our team. Everyone who comes to you from Confluex is someone we have worked with; we know their strengths and weaknesses and assign them accordingly. Most of our team members are full-time employees, not contractors. So we may ensure they have continual relevant training.


Some consultants may not have spent a lot of time in the Corporate world. The technology sector doesn’t generally breed corporate-friendly and  politically-sensitive consultants who know about things like budgets, deadlines, audit requirements, change control, release management, government regulations, etc. Our professional consultants are experienced and sensitive to the processes and challenges in a corporate environment.

Team Players

Each one of our professionals is a member of the larger Confluex team. They participate in regular team communications and training. This encourages the exchange of  ideas and solutions.


We would rather do a few things great, than everything good. We can offer you the best service and expertise by focusing on specific  technologies and industries.

Project Oriented

We focus on the success of your project. We manage the project for you from start to finish (we’ll handle resource allocation; iterative, test-driven development; and integration DevOps). Another option is that we embed our engineers on your team to provide experienced integration assistance on your project. Or, when you just need project oversight, we can serve as a mentor, trainer or adviser to your team as you navigate through your integration challenges. You determine which model works best for your environment and we’re there to support you.