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  • 07 Jan

    A Distributed Team’s Insurance: Communication

    A distributed teams insuranceOne of the main tenets of Scrum is that it requires a co-located development team.  You know, how can you play rugby without all the players on the field?  But, given the wireless world in which we live, many times it is not practical to have all team members in the same office, much less the same city or continent.  So, what do you do?  How do you effectively work as a team to develop a software application if you’re not sitting next to each other?

    At Confluex, with at least 20 combined years of experience using Scrum (in industries such as insurance, financial services, hospitality and retail services), we cracked the code (no pun intended)!  We’ve extended Scrum to embrace today’s reality of distributed teams and make them not only work, but excel.  Here’s our secret sauce:

  • 27 Apr

    Why Companies Fail at Scrum

    Rafting - Why Companies Fail at Agile

    Scrum Is Not a Serious Tool

    I have been an Agile proponent for several years now. When I first started looking at Scrum as a solution for our company, I dismissed it outright. “This is light-weight project management.” “My boss will never take something serious that calls people ‘pigs’ and ‘chickens’” and most importantly “Where are the project plans and documentation!” This was designed for DotComs – not real companies!

    Eventually, Scrum became pivotal to the success of some very aggressive and high-profile projects.

    In retrospect, I realized: