• 30 Sep
    MuleSoft Mule Summits Are Back for Fall 2013!

    MuleSoft Mule Summits Are Back for Fall 2013!

    MuleSoft is starting the Fall 2013 round of Mule Summits to highlight their industry leading Mule ESB and CloudHub iPaaS products, roadmaps, education, and networking – and once again Confluex will be there!

    MuleSoft Summit 2013


    October 1st – Denver

    October 7th – Toronto

    October 9th – Washington DC

    October 10th – Atlanta

    October 30th – San Francisco



    There are a ton of reasons to come:

    • Meet and network with the Confluex team
    • Learn best in class integration techniques from leading Mule users and experienced Mule architects
    • Network with industry leaders and MuleSoft experts, including Ross Mason, Founder and VP of Product Strategy, as well as CTO Uri Sarid
    • Gain visibility into the product roadmap
    • Discuss innovative integration strategies with customers facing similar challenges

    And, if you want to come we can get you a special discount. Register with the promo code CON20 and receive a 20% discount on admission!

    To register or just learn more about it go check out the official page at MuleSoft’s website.

    Can’t wait to see you there!

    By Phillip Grove Events Mule ESB
  • 28 Mar

    Improving Business Processes with an Event Driven Architecture

    System Architecture

    Over the course of my career, I have worked with many companies that were using the oldest, legacy-est of the legacy integration concepts – batch file transfers and nightly processing jobs. However, this type of integration introduces lengthy time gaps and delays between when data is generated and when it is processed. This can introduce an assortment of problems, especially for companies in our modern business climate with an expectation of immediate and current data access.

  • 07 Jun

    Mule iON – Another Weapon in the Arsenal

    Mule iON iPaaSMuleSoft officially launched the Mule iON integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) last month. Confluex works with many different companies using Mule ESB, and each have a unique combination of approaches, standards, appetites, and technology strategies. Because of all these factors, two nearly identical projects  for different customers can require a wildly different approach. With iON, we now have another tool in our arsenal – another way we create a solution that may be a better fit than the tools that were previously available.

    By Phillip Grove Mule iON
  • 27 Apr

    Why Companies Fail at Scrum

    Rafting - Why Companies Fail at Agile

    Scrum Is Not a Serious Tool

    I have been an Agile proponent for several years now. When I first started looking at Scrum as a solution for our company, I dismissed it outright. “This is light-weight project management.” “My boss will never take something serious that calls people ‘pigs’ and ‘chickens’” and most importantly “Where are the project plans and documentation!” This was designed for DotComs – not real companies!

    Eventually, Scrum became pivotal to the success of some very aggressive and high-profile projects.

    In retrospect, I realized:

  • 11 Apr

    Legacy System Modernization: Breathing New Life into Old Servers

    Legacy System ModernizationYour legacy system occupies prime data center real estate, surviving only with attentive 24-hour life support. It drains huge amounts of non-energy star power from the power grid, equivalent to all the other systems in your data center. You are afraid to shut it down to move the power cord to a new UPS out of a fear that it may never power up again. You make daily offerings to the spirits of long-dead IBM engineers in hopes that nothing ever happens to the server, because no one in your company remembers how to change a hard drive, not to mention where the power switch is located. Despite all this, deep inside you just wish it would die.

    By Phillip Grove Legacy Systems SOA ,